NFT Metadata Tool

Every time I see an NFT I like, the first thing I want to know is how it's implemented. Is it a no-depedency "fully on-chain" SVG, hosted on IPFS, or (worst case) hosted on a website via HTTP?

I care a lot about this. I find I really only want to own NFTs that don't have any dependencies other than Ethereum. No hate for projects that don't do that, they're just not for me.

As a result I'm frequently fiddling with Etherscan's contract UI to call tokenUri functions, using online base64 decoders, following IPFS links in Brave, etc. It's tedious, and I never really found a good way to do it.

Recently I made a tool to make this easier, and I published it on Just punch in the contract address, network, and token ID, and it should call the tokenURI function on the contract, display that result, fetch the metadata that the token URI points to, displays that, and then fetches the image. It supports many EVM networks, testnets, and even Solana too.

If you are curious whether an NFT is truly "on-chain", or if you want to learn more about how your NFTs are implemented, you can use this tool.

The code for the site is available on Github.